“What’s your story?”

Multi­disciplinary Project

At La Miranda, we encourage our students to explore different modes of communication from a young age.

Following an impressive production methodology, our Year 6 students have designed, illustrated, written, edited, published, marketed, and sold their own Choose Your Own Adventure book, "What's your story?".


From the initial design and the production of the first draft, to the final publishing and advertising, Year 6 students displayed their ability to collaborate and translate their experience of the world around them in an exemplary manner.

As an interdisciplinary project, all learning areas were incorporated into this venture. Year 6 teachers employed the use of Mathematics - to calculate the cost of publishing and the amount raised for charity - in addition to Art & Design, Digital Technology, and languages.

Technology enabled our students to bring this project to life:

  • FaceTime: Development of communication skills, planning and conducting interviews with authors and publishers worldwide
  • Sketches: Artistic exploration through the creation of illustrations and sketches for the book
  • Pages and Keynote: To write and edit story content
  • GarageBand: To record and edit the audiobook
  • Schoolwork: To enable a collaborative working approach
  • Showbie: To utilise the learning management platform
  • Safari and Typeform: To create an online shop to sell the book. All proceeds from book sales are donated to charity: Ghanas de vivir
  • Social media: To advertise the book using online platforms, including Instagram hashtag features - #whatsyourstory
  • iMovie and Clips: To share ideas, promote the book, and construct reviews via video.

"Ghanas de Vivir " is an NGO directed by one of our excellent teachers. It aims to invest the money raised in the "What's Your Story?" project to a fund to hire teachers for the Liberty School in Sarpeh, Ghana. Our school aims to sell 160 books, enabling two teachers to join the educators at Liberty for a whole academic year.

If you have further questions about our students' project or Ghanas de Vivir, please contact us at: isupport@lamiranda.eu.

I would love to buy the book!

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