Methodological bases

La Miranda has been one of Spain pioneering schools in developing Glenn Doman Early Stimulation programme, as well as Howard Gardner Multiple Intelligences programme.

Here at La Miranda we are an educational centre in a state of constant change in terms of social adaptation, not only in terms of the link we have with our introduction of the new technologies in the school, but also we have changed the way we look at technology in each and every subject and this is now incorporated into our teaching methods. As always we are striving towards educational excellence each of our departments are specialized, right down to the disciplinary policies in order to help to mould our students and train them for their future professional lives. One way we have changed this is by the transformation of students day to day classrooms. The educational technology that students have at their fingertips complement and are in accordance with the fundamental foundations of which La Miranda was founded upon in terms of a wide range of material from which to work from, the disciplinary policies that we implement and also the focus and improvement of the essential educational focal points. One educational mission which we all have in common: is to implement an eternal environment whereby the learning process is further enriched each day. This placed alongside our focus on the continual development of students personal and social aspects of all our current and future students. An innovative educational project combining new technologies and education in an ever changing world.