Intellectual base

All educational aspects related with the academic performance and the intellectual evolution of our students can be found in the intellectual base. In our school we encourage the intellectual development by using the theory of Howard Gardner and the Multiple Intelligences. This way each understand that each student has a potential, interests and skills that require a personalised attention. Furthermore, within the intellectual base we put in use the multilingualism as a differentiating factor and the learning of up to date concepts such as robotics and programming.

Physical base

At La MIranda, The Global Quality School, we firmly believe in the caring and health of our students. For this reason the physical base for us is a very important point to take into account. We offer our students food made on site which includes an organic line of products. Furthermore, we take care of the encouragement of sport and active living, with water based activities and physical education using state of the art facilities.

Social base

The union and the cohesion between our students, from the collaboration and the growth within the group, is an important factor for their personal development. This is the function is the social base, alongside projects which come under the scope of cooperative and teamwork. One clear example of this we can find from medication, the resolution of conflicts between equals for the management of problems and the encouragement of a good school environment.

Emotional base

In La Miranda, The Global Quality School, we firmly believe in taking care of our students and their internal growth. For this reason we encourage the emotional base, by mime and learning we focus on the values. Within this base we work on Mindfulness, the deliberation and agreements made within society which fall under the philosophy of the three e’s (Esteem, Enthusiasm and Example).