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La Miranda, the Global Quality School, is proud to be an Inspired school - a leading global group of premium schools, educating over 65,000 students aged 0-18 in over 80 schools across more than 23 countries worldwide. Inspired schools empower students to achieve their maximum potential in a nurturing, progressive academic environment.

The Group's contemporary approach to education re-evaluates traditional teaching methods and curriculums to create a dynamic, modern, and highly-effective holistic education model that better reflects current attitudes.

Inspired schools focus on the individuality of each child, aiming to develop their skills, talents, and confidence through a broad and engaging curriculum. The 'Three Pillars' approach to learning has Academics at the centre, which, combined with the two pillars of Performing Arts and Sports, form a holistic methodology in modern learning.

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Collectively, the Three Pillars form the foundations of a robust education to ensure Inspired students receive first-class schooling that enables them to develop into critically-minded young people with a broad-ranging depth of knowledge.

Inspired schools hand-pick educators with high-quality teaching skills and the imagination necessary to turn international curriculums into a well-structured programme of dynamic and exciting lessons. Children are placed at the centre of the learning approach to give them the best chance for healthy development and self-actualisation.


The results of our schools speak for themselves. With a reputation of academic excellence honed through a 50-year heritage, the Inspired Group is committed to continuing to lead the way in premium international, modern education.

All Inspired schools are individually developed and designed in response to their environment and location, delivering an excellent education to their respective communities. The Group's school benefit from wide-reaching expertise in international best practices, trans-national collaboration, and a progressive global outlook.


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