Innovative education model

We are committed to providing comprehensive and innovative education for children between 0 and 18. At La Miranda, our distinguished pedagogical model is continually updated and orientated toward global, progressive, and personalised education. Our goal is to strengthen the abilities of our students while ensuring their happiness and success, both in and outside the classroom.

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Multilingual environment at the heart of our methodology

'Learning another language is not only learning different words for the same things, but learning another way to think...' - Flora Lewis

Since the founding of our school in the 1960s, multilingualism has remained a defining characteristic of La Miranda. We were the first school in Catalonia and Spain to incorporate multilingualism into our methodology as a primary aspect of our strategy toward academic excellence.

Our educators believe that all young children have the potential to master multiple languages, which is why we offer 7 languages to Nursery and Infant School learners. English, Spanish and Catalan are the main languages taught, and French and Mandarin Chinese are introduced as second languages. Russian and German are integrated into the curriculum through short sessions in which students begin to familiarise themselves with the distinctive sounds of each language. 

In Primary School, we prepare our learners for study in international programmes, where they obtain accredited diplomas, allowing access to several distinguished universities worldwide, including Cambridge, Institut Français, and the Fundación Instituto Confucio. To effectively monitor learning development and to ensure students achieve qualifications that allow for linguistic progression, all learners will undertake language examinations at the stages listed below:


Cambridge Young Learners (CYL); Key English Test (KET), PET (Preliminary English Test); DELF (Diplôme d’ Etudes en Langue Française); Young Chinese Test (YCT).


Preliminary English Test (PET); First Certificate in English (PET); Certificate in Advanced English (CAE); DELF (Francés); Young Chinese Test (YCT) and HSK (Chino).


Modern technology and innovative approach

'If we can give our children a solid foundation today, they will become the leaders of a better and safer world, tomorrow' - Glenn Doman

Apple has recognised La Miranda as a Distinguished School for adopting a continuous innovative approach to learning, teaching, and the school environment. Apple Distinguished School centres are committed to innovation, leadership, and educational excellence, and use Apple products to foster creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking. As a pioneer in the innovative use of technology in education, we can demonstrate its impact on academic excellence within our school with excellent results.

The integration of technology is evident throughout our school. Our Primary, Secondary and IB students learn to design computer programmes, create digital mechanisms, and construct computerised instruments and three-dimensional games. With the aid of a 3D printer, learners also enjoy producing models using modern equipment.


Encouraging, supportive learning environment

'(Impactful)Teaching is not head-to-head, but heart to heart' - Howard G. Hendricks

At La Miranda, we encourage our students in a nurturing environment to allow them to flourish on a global and personal development level. By offering advice and guidance throughout their schooling, our students gain the confidence necessary to achieve competence in all areas of their development. Our Pastoral Team and educators aim to empower all members of our student community to make the right decisions at significant moments throughout their lives while feeling safe, supported, and accepted.

With almost 60 years of experience providing premium education, the qualities that have upheld La Miranda's ethos are evident in our vibrant school community. The families, teachers and professionals that support our endeavours profoundly impact the students in all divisions, from Nursery to pre-university, and inspire our pupils through innovation, research, and their dedication to implementing best practices in education. Our history of excellent results demonstrates that our graduates achieve academic excellence and benefit long-term from the comprehensive educational experience they help to co-create.

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