Childhood education first cycle Early stimulation and personalized attention

Childhood education first cycle (From P0 to P2)

Our youngest pupils receive personal attention from a tutor in Catalan, Spanish and English, as well as attention from specialists in French, Mandarin Chinese, German and Russian.
Early stimulation to ensure correct neurological organisation:
Nursery education curriculum:
  • Early stimulation programme (Bits)
  • English, Catalan and Spanish
  • German, French, Mandarin Chinese and Russian
  • Motor skills
  • English music
  • Swimming and physical education
  • School garden
  • Artistic expression
  • Reading/ Bits Jolly Phonics
  • Knowledge of the World
  • Maths; Story Time
  • Experimental Work
  • Show and Tell
  • IT (Information Technology)
  • Writing
  • Graphomotor skills
  • Maths
  • Reading and writing