Welcome to La Miranda!

Respect, enthusiasm and learning from example form the basis of our comprehensive, multilingual, high-quality teaching model. With almost fifty years of history behind us, La Miranda is key asset is our team: students, families, teachers and staff, all committed to knowledge, innovation, research, internationalisation, academic excellence and an all-round education for children and young people; from before they are born until they go to university.
At our school pupils learn how to think, how to see and experience the world, and how to appreciate it. We work to provide a multilingual, pioneering and international education. Our mission is to educate all aspects of the student, to go beyond the merely academic. We want to encourage their personal, emotional, physical and intellectual abilities, so that they grow into happy people, aware of their value and their social responsibility, with a wide range of opportunities, freedom of choice, and familiarity with different environments and cultures.

At La Miranda we believe that multilinguism is the first step towards excellence. We can count on a sound multilingual educative project which includes three languages (Catalan, Spanish and English) and four secondary languages (French, Mandarin Chinese, German and Russian), this allows our students to have access to different international qualifications.

We are committed to pedagogic innovation, and every stage of education is reinforced by varied, pioneering methods. We promote …..
At the end of their studies, students sail through university entrance examinations; 90% will get their first choice and enrol in prestigious universities.
I am very proud to be the head teacher of a school where children feel truly loved and have every possible opportunity open to them.

Dr. Anna Mary Sureda
Dr. Anna Mary Sureda