6 to 12 years old


Primary School stages

The Primary Education Stage, for children aged 6 to 12, is structured in three cycles: Initial, Middle, and Upper. Each cycle lasts two years to reflect the natural learning cycles of young students.

Our Primary students follow a project-based methodology and cover all subject areas under a central theme each term. Each project is meticulously designed according to the student's age and interests to encourage engagement and motivation. The topics covered in the Primary curriculum offer relevant contexts for our students' experiences to allow them to participate in their learning fully.


Multilingualism from Day 1

Our Primary School follows a multilingual approach, in which 5 languages are taught. English, Spanish, and Catalan are the key languages, and French and Mandarin Chinese are the secondary language programmes in the Primary Years classes. We follow a 1 teacher-1 language policy, meaning that each teacher directs lessons in their mother tongue only.

Our Primary learners engage in a selection of physical activities within the school campus, which features various spaces dedicated exclusively to sports, including a gymnasium, basketball and tennis courts, a football pitch, and a swimming pool, which students visit once a week.

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