9 months to 5 years old


A welcoming environment in our Nursery

Welcome to La Miranda's Nursery division for children aged 9 months to 5 years old. While attending our Pre-school, your children will enjoy enriching educational experiences as they start their learning journey. At our Nursery, Pre-school educators welcome young learners into the P1 class and guide them through their early education up to P5.

The active methodologies in our early learning centre support each Nursery student's development in combination with a personalised learning strategy to accommodate their learning pace.

From the first day in P1, our dynamic and comprehensive approach to Nursery education enables our youngest students to follow a termly topic-based methodology.

The Nursery curriculum encompasses all subject areas in an engaging programme of interactive and multi-sensory activities. As a result of this effective framework, early learners progress in their communication, numeracy, and literacy skills and develop their socio-emotional, cognitive, and physical abilities.


Multilingualism at heart

The primary language of instruction in Nursery classes is English, with English-speaking teachers delivering the day-to-day pre-school course material. Our multilingual programme begins in Nursery, with English, Spanish, and Catalan as the key languages. The language provision later extends to 7 languages, with the addition of the French and Mandarin Chinese programmes and the integration of Russian and German in short sessions. We always follow a 1 teacher-1 language policy, in which each teacher only directs lessons in their mother tongue.


Well-supported transition to Primary School

By consolidating the key learning areas in Pre-school, in line with the 4 pillars of the school's philosophy, Nursery students transition into Primary School with the self-esteem, confidence, tools, and resources necessary to continue shaping their academic life in the most fulfilling way possible.


Why La Miranda could be suitable for your child

  • A multilinguistic environment, with a total of 7 languages offered 
  • An open, dynamic, and accessible learning environment 
  • Technology-based activities to discover coding, programming, and STEAM subjects
  • State-of-the-art facilities, including a fully-equipped sports centre, music rooms, and theatre space
  • Smooth transition into Primary School 
  • Morning and afternoon childcare available, from 7:30 am to 6:00 pm

Start your inspiring journey here!